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ASPICE™ Assessment

Our process assessment service consists of a disciplined and detailed evaluation of your development processes against the Automotive SPICE assessment model and its best practices.

The idea behind the assessment is to bring clarity to the current status of your development processes in your project or organization and to draw a roadmap to understand what is needed to comply with the latest standards of the industry, meet the expectations of the stakeholder, reduce risks and increase the efficiency in your development.

An assessment is usually the first step in implementing ASPICE™ in your company.

ASPICE™ Consulting

Once we know the current strength and potentials of your processes, we design a roadmap to implement ASPICE™ successfully. For this purpose, we developed a 5-phase process improvement method which enables a systemic improvement. One key factor is the definition of the interfaces between the processes and teams.

Our main focus is to drive the change to continuous and lasting process acceptance, even after the consulting project ends. Accepted processes follow easy rules. Therefore, we concentrate on agreed solutions, which are easy to understand and to follow.

We understand that the human aspect plays a significant role in the success of the project. This is the reason why we don’t limit in the technical aspects of ASPICE™; we also aim to convince and motivate the team, at all levels, within the organization.

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What our customers say

“Very pragmatic & efficient approach to a complex topic.”

Dr. Jörg Kiefer, Senior Director of Quality Assurance, WABCO Vehicle Control Systems.

“Thanks for your great support on Quality Management for 3rd party Software. Demonstrated competence in theory and practical application.”

Markus Amtmann, Director of Engineering Process Quality, Continental Automotive GmbH.

“Deep process knowledge including experience in modeling efficient process solution for complex organizations. Efficient and successful Management and organization of work groups to achieve targeted goals. Very result focused. Not losing target even in difficult discussions.”

Thomas Krahn, DAS Driver Assist Systems, Global Software Chief Engineer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

“Consulting by KnuevenerMackert does not mean, they only show you, where you need to improve, but they actively drive the improvement combining ASPICE-, project management- and SW-expertise in a very pragmatic, goal-oriented way.”


Torsten Treyde, Technical Director Engineering Quality, Braking, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

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We are not limited to merely passing our knowledge; we combine it with the human aspect.

Deep Knowledge

Our Team has experts in different fields; together we have a good understanding of multidisciplined solutions.

Hands-on approach

We understand the challenges of the team and adapt to their capacity and necessities. We become part of your team.

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