Introduction to Automotive SPICE® for Managers

This very well proven training is our ‘best-seller’, our most requested and provided training. It is performed as a symbiosis of training and workshop, in which solutions for typical topics of process improvement and Automotive SPICE® are discussed and developed.

The participants will familiarize with the Automotive SPICE® v3.1 process assessment model, the leading standard for process assessments in the automotive industry.

Furthermore, the attendants will understand how to argue and act in order to support process compliance and to foster Automotive SPICE® implementation.

You will learn about the preconditions and required infrastructure of systemic process improvements. Finally, you will manage to avoid typical pitfalls in process improvement, and you will manage to drive the culture change and process change in daily work.

We look forward to your feedback and at the end we will issue a training certificate.

The first part of the training consists of a basic introduction to Automotive SPICE® Ideas, concepts, elements and dependencies. The course of an assessment is introduced.
In the second and larger part of the training we describe concepts for the successful introduction of process improvements and develop solutions for critical situations and conflicting goals.


– intacs™ – the “International Assessor Certification Scheme”.
– Some facts and excellent reasons for adherence to processes and argumentation.
– The measurement system: process profiles and capability level assessment.
– A general overview of the assessment process.
– Management of process improvements and critical success factors for standard procedures.
– Planning and execution of process evaluation according to ISO/IEC 33000.
– How to avoid management traps in process implementation.

The training is for managers who lead projects and teams and identify and remove the barriers to Automotive SPICE® and intrinsically motivated process compliance.


The participants are better able to assume their responsibility for processes. Hurdles for Automotive SPICE® and intrinsically motivated process compliance are recognized and removed.

This training is held exclusively by an experienced and certified intacs™ Certified Principal Assessor. He has many years of practical experience in process improvement, assessment execution and in holding training courses and workshops.
The trainer has extensive experience in switching to accepted processes in different and very different environments, e.g. small or large, distributed and/or multicultural developments.

Participants will receive a printed copy of the world’s best ASPICE Guide with AUTOMTOIVE SPICE v3.1, Mechanical Engineering SPICE v1.4 and GUIDELINES, derived from the VDA Guidelines v1.0 .

This training is also offered as in-house training.


Duration: 2 days
Time: 9:30 – 17.00 Uhr
Language: english or german
Trainer Christian Knüvener Profil auf LinkedIn

10% early bird discount on the training fee (till 8 weeks before start)
10% team discount on the training fee (more than 3 participants)
20% early bird team discount on the training fee (both above)

Training-ID: 11.006.


Trainings is also offered as in-house training

Price net: € 1.300,00
Early-Bird-Discount: 10%
Teamdiscount: 10%
Language: english or german
Status: on demand
Training ID: 11.006.

Excerpt from the training material

Each participant receives one of the world’s best ASPICE guides.