Are there any Online Exam rules?

How will the online exam be held?

We will email you a zoom meeting invitation for the time of the exam. Have everything you need available, visit the bathroom before this time and get ready for the exam. Please connect to zoom and enter the waiting room. Turn your webcam, microphone and chat functions on. Once all participants are in the waiting room you will be admitted to the exam session. We will briefly recap on the instructions. An ID question will be asked and once the examiner has confirmed that all are ready to start, the Socrative exam will be initiated. We would ask you to remain quiet during the exam preparation and exam unless you have a question or are asked a question.

Please have the reference materials you need printed and ready for use. We have found that using tabs between the exam and your reference materials greatly increases the possibility of accidently closing the exam tab. This means you lose the time needed to reconnect. The exam is 60 minutes for native speakers and 90 minutes for all others in duration and has 75 questions.

Only true/false questions are used.

If something goes wrong – contact the examiner by speaking or raising your hand or using the chat function. Be aware that all group participants will hear your comments if you speak but only the examiner will see chat content. We are recording the Audio and written chat feeds to show that the exam was conducted according to the intacs rules.
If your zoom connection is cut – log back into zoom, and to the meeting, you can continue the exam.
If you can’t connect to Socrative or your connection is broken, tell your examiner. They will help you reconnect. If you need to log into Socrative more than once you will have to navigate to where you left off and complete the remaining questions. If you accidently “finish” the exam you will have to start over from the first question again.
If you completely lose your internet connection don’t panic. We will work out what to do once you are reconnected. If this takes longer than the exam session then email us at as soon as possible.