intacs™ Certified Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)

This training provides the knowledge required to take on the tasks of a Competent Assessor for an assessment in accordance with ISO/IEC 15504 resp. ISO/IEC 330xx. It extends the experience gained in the training for becoming a Provisional Assessor as well as practical assessment experience. For this reason, the training content also emphasizes participant experience exchange and further practice with using the process assessment model based on this experience.

This training will use the Automotive SPICE® process assessment model for illustration purposes. This model demonstrates a domain-specific version of existing process assessment models and is generally used for assessments in the automotive industry.

To complete the training for qualification as a Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE®) successfully, you must prove your competence in three ways

In the run-up to the training, you will be assigned tasks that you must carry out in the form of a presentation. You must present the solutions as part of the training.
You must actively participate in the practical sections of the training. The trainer will evaluate your participation.
You must successfully pass a written multiple-choice exam administered independently at the end of the training.
Please note that individual preparation at the end of each training day is recommended to succeed in passing the exam.

The training content is equivalent to that in the curriculum published by intacs™ and expands upon the content of the Provisional Assessor training:
Theory and architecture of ISO/IEC 15504 resp. ISO/IEC 330xx (components and relationships)
Requirements for complying with an assessment model
Process and capability dimension: deepening, typical snares, and usual procedure based on the requirements of the process assessment model
Assessment planning: Collection of assessment input, creation of an assessment plan
Managing assessment teams
Dealing with extreme situations
Performing assessments at distributed locations and in various countries
Procedures for reporting to the project team and to management
Coaching of Provisional Assessors: Qualification criteria and their verification

Exam preparation
For the most part, the training consists of exercises, discussions and participant experience exchange based on their experience with processes and their implementation.

Registered Provisional Assessors who have gained experience in assessments and who want to take responsibility for carrying out assessments in accordance with Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) in the future.

Participants should have assessment experience and several years of professional experience in the IT industry (e.g. software/system development, project management, quality management or similar experience).
Participating in the training and taking the exam is independent from other certification requirements as a Competent Assessor Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE).

The Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessor supports the preparation for an Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) assessment in detail, e.g. by performing pre- or mini-assessments as preparation.
The Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessor plans, leads and reports an Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) assessment.
The Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessor communicates the Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) assessment results and process potentials adequately to the project, to internal management and to external stakeholders.
The Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessor supports the process improvement activities with focus on a systematic and systemic approach.

This training is exclusively taught by experienced intacs™ Certified Principal Assessors with extensive experience with practical assessment implementation. In addition, they are accredited trainers.
In addition to the certified standard training material KNÜVENER MACKERT provides extra material like summaries and guidelines.

In addition to the reduced standard mock exam KNÜVENER MACKERT provides a full mock provisional assessor exam for repetition and as extra preparation material.

Participants will receive a printed copy of the world’s best ASPICE Guide with AUTOMTOIVE SPICE v3.1, Mechanical Engineering SPICE® v1.4 and GUIDELINES, which are derived from the VDA Guidelines v1.0.

This training is offered as inhouse training as well.

General Information

Duration: 5 days
Time: 9:30 – 17.00 Uhr
Language: german or english
Trainer: Christian Knüvener, Profile LinkedIn

10% early bird discount on the training fee (till 8 weeks before start)
10% team discount on the training fee (more than 3 participants)
20% early bird team discount on the training fee (both above)

Examination fee: € 550,00 Fee for the exam, which is carried out by the VDA on the last day.

Training-ID: 11.003.XX


Currently there are no public trainings scheduled.

Training also possible as in-house training

Excerpt from the training material

Each participant receives one of the world’s best ASPICE guides.