Competence only comes from learning
Due to rapid market developments, both techniques and rules and regulations are changing rapidly.

Stay competent by paying attention to your continuous learning.

Learning from the experiences of others is the most effective way of learning
Our in-house and our public training sessions cover technical and management topics including Automotive SPICE™, Agile, Management, Engineering, Safety and Security, etc.

Change requires the competence to apply theory in practice

We strive to make our training sessions more practical than theoretical; we limit the number of participants to maximize learning and encourage participation.

In-House and Off-Site Trainings

Due to rapid evolving technology, rules and regulations are changing fast. Stay compliant by learning how to adapt your processes to these new rules.

Our In-House and Off-Site Training Sessions cover technical and business topics including Automotive SPICE™, Management, Engineering, Safety and Security, among others.

We aim to make our Training Sessions practical rather than theoretical, we keep the number of participants limited to maximize learning and encourage participation.

Advantages of in-house training

  • Customization of contents and times
  • Open exchange of experience leads to concrete and appropriate solutions
  • Often cheaper already from 4 persons

Our experts convey the theory comprehensibly, report on many practical examples and support you in the exercises. This is confirmed by our customers. Read more.

Automotive SPICE

Learn how to apply Automotive SPICE™ as a tool both for analysis and development. We provide simple explanations of Automotive SPICE™.

Discover this development standard as illustrated by practical examples.

Within Germany and internationally, we provide a wide array of Automotive SPICE® trainings. Our training sessions include:

– assessor education

– assessment team participation (as an extraordinary “hands-on” training)

– training sessions or workshops for specific target groups like senior management or project managers respectively chief engineers. Read more

Agile leadership und successfull outsourcing

We show you how to effectively coordinate tasks. Only with sufficient transparency can the work be actively controlled so that the chronic reaction to disturbances is reduced.

We focus on transparent and cooperative coordination of work processes and support independent and disciplined teamwork.
The methods and emphases vary between classic and agile project management, the management culture and the taxation of suppliers. Decisive are acceptance and effectiveness.

We illustrate the solutions with examples from OEM and Tier 1 projects, scalable to medium and large projects or programs, with national and global teams using methods that recognize and use cultural strengths.

Embedded Engineering

Learn how to create a good development foundation with effective requirements management.
Learn to apply the new trends to efficiently organize real-time architectures.

Work with us to see how productive the development and qualification of software components can be organized.
Expect good solutions from us for integrating and qualifying your products.

Early and effective testing leads to timely error correction.
Deliver quality on time.

Functional Safety (ISO 26262) & Cybersecurity (ISO 21434) in Automotive

While the concepts for ensuring and demonstrating functional safety and cybersecurity are similar, the necessary technical activities are completely different.

Get to know the concepts and necessary methods and apply them to your environment.

Learn how to effectively design functional safety and cybersecurity proof, integrate the activities into the project work, and continuously collect evidence and visualize progress.

Upcoming Events

ASPICE Trainings

DateTrainingLanguageLocationTeam %Early Bird  
11.11.2019 – 15.11.2019

Automotive SPICE® Assessment TeamENStuttgart. DE
02.12.2019 – 03.12.2019
Automotive SPICE®: Introduction to the VDA Automotive SPICE® GuidelinesDE / ENStuttgart, DE
11.12.2019 – 15.12.2019

intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)DEStuttgart, DE
16.12.2019 – 20.12.2019intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)DE / ENStuttgart, DE

Engineerig Trainings

DateTrainingLanguageLocationTeam %Early-Bird 
On request

Model Driven Development – Making it Effective
DE / ENStuttgart, DE
On request

Memory Concepts for Embedded SoftwareDE / ENStuttgart, DE

Safety & Security Trainings

DateTrainingLanguageLocationTeam %Early-Bird 
On request

Secure Boot – Concepts and TradeoffsDE / ENStuttgart, DE
08.07.2019 - 11.07.2019

Automotive Functional Safety (ISO 26262)
DE / ENStuttgart, DE
12.003 Embedded RT Software Development
12.004 Memory Concepts for Embedded Software
12.005 Unified Modeling Language
12.006 Testgetriebene Softwareentwicklung mit C/C++
12.007 Objektorientierte Programmierung mit C++
12.008 Programmieren mit ANSI C
12.009 .Net Programmierung mit C#
12.010 Model Driven Development – Making it Effective
15.001 Introduction to Functional Safety (Automotive – ISO 26262)
15.002 Functional Safety Engineer (Automotive)
15.003 Secure Boot – Concepts and Tradeoffs
15.004 Introduction to Automotive Security ISO 21434
16.001 Automotive Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

What sets us apart?


A good Environment

We look-out for environments in which learning comes easier, from details for snacks, food, and coffee, to the number of people who we allow to enroll in one class.


Learn with Experts

KnüvenerMackert trainers are experts in the field. Their experience covers a wide spectrum of knowledge from a Consultants perspective as well as a team member within Automotive Corporate environments.


Hands-on approach

Through practice exercises, you will learn fast, the course will be dynamic and practical.