ASPICE Training ROI. Myth or Reality?

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ASPICE Training ROI. Myth or Reality?

When a company considers implementing the ASPICE model, usually one question pop-up: can we achieve a return on investment? In this blog post, we examine the topic of ASPICE training ROI.

Firstly, let’s talk about the costs of implementing ASPICE. When planning our project, we need to take into account that training costs are much more than the price of traveling, training and the exam/certification fees. Quite often the critical -hidden- costs are the time spent on training and the missing support and achievements in the projects during that time.

In general, at any time there seem to be good reasons for postponing an Automotive SPICE® training due to budgetary or workload reasons. But working under this model does have a long list of benefits and is entirely possible to achieve a return on investment in the short or the mid-term.

Let’s explore three of the most recommended ASPICE training programs and analyze their benefits:

The “intacs Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE®)” training is the foundation training, and provides a good understanding in the basics of Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE): the processes, the capability levels, their dependencies and how an assessment is performed.

This provisional assessor Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) training enables the trainees to participate in an assessment team.
Furthermore, it allows the participants to show how to benefit from applying ASPICE compliant processes.

They can translate the requirements of Automotive SPICE® into process requirements for development processes in the scope of software-controlled-systems. They will support the project teams to get prepared for an Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessment. Therefore, the returns of the training are:

  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor motivates the team to identify and materialize benefits by process compliance and Automotive SPICE®.
  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor encourages to clarify responsibilities and to perform processes effectively.
  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor supports the team to do each work package first time right – based on qualified input and generating adequate output including clear evidence for verification.
  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor participates in Automotive SPICE® assessments, gains a detailed understanding of the development and experiences in Automotive SPICE® assessments.

Furthermore, the provisional Automotive SPICE® assessor with some assessment experiences might go-ahead to become a competent Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE), assessor.

The “VDA Automotive SPICE® Guideline” training introduces to the additional VDA rating rules and recommendations, which shall be considered during Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessments. Furthermore, the handling and – if needed – the deviation for these rules are trained. Also, the concrete and detailed definitions of what specific work products shall contain are introduced and discussed. Therefore, the returns of the training are:

  • The Automotive SPICE® Assessor supports the team to plan for the needed activities and work products.
  • The Automotive SPICE® Assessor supports the preparation for an Automotive SPICE® assessment.


Furthermore, by participating in this training, the Automotive SPICE® assessor fulfils one of the preconditions for applying or renewal for an Automotive SPICE® competent or principal assessor.

The “intacs certified competent assessor (Automotive SPICE®)” training is the advanced training. The Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessor learns how to plan and lead an Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) assessment and how to present and report the assessment results. Therefore, the returns of the training are:

  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor supports the preparation for an Automotive SPICE® assessment in detail, e.g., by performing pre- or mini-assessments as preparation.
  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor plans lead and report an Automotive SPICE® assessment.
  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor communicates the Automotive SPICE® assessment results and process potentials adequately to the project, to internal management, and external stakeholders.
  • The Automotive SPICE® assessor supports the process improvement activities with a focus on a systematic and systemic approach.

Why Knüvener Mackert?
Knüvener Mackert offers you a wide range of in-house and public training sessions at several locations in Germany as well as numerous other locations in the USA, India, China, and Europe. These training sessions are about software and systems development, such as project management, requirements engineering, software architecture, testing, and quality assurance.
Knüvener Mackert training sessions are always up-to-date; current trends and technical or methodical innovations, official curricular changes, and new statutory regulations are always included as part of the subject matter of a Knüvener Mackert training.

Knüvener Mackert pieces of training always have a practical orientation because Knüvener Mackert presenters guarantee that there is a permanent transfer between theory and practice based on the consulting work that they do in addition to their lecturing work. When possible, Knüvener Mackert training sessions always consists of hands-on training in small groups. Therefore, when the practice is over, you know how to incorporate what you have just learned into your everyday routine. Knüvener Mackert training give you excellent preparation for your examinations because the learning materials are repeated and quizzed every day; sample exams provide you with an idea of what to expect in the actual test at the end of the seminar.

Knüvener Mackert training always offers an additional benefit because the presenters are always available to you even after the training has ended. In addition to the detailed training documentation and the participation certificate that you receive, you will also be getting subject-related reference books, posters, and further literature.
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