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Automotive SPICE® Assessment: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Automotive SPICE® Assessment?

Automotive SPICE®, also known as ASPICE, is a standard used as a framework for improving and evaluating processes. The focus is on processes for the development of software-based systems. An ASPICE Assessment is a systematic evaluation of the capability level of an organizational unit’s processes against the ASPICE model.

In other words, in an assessment, your current processes are mapped to and compared with the best practices for software and software-based system development for the automotive industry.

Why is an Automotive SPICE® assessment important?

Automotive OEMs, as well as key TIER 1, require that their software-based products from their suppliers are developed using state of the art tools and processes. Automotive SPICE® compliance is a prerequisite for doing business with them. The report from an Automotive SPICE® Assessment, performed by external, certified ASPICE assessors, provides evidence of this compliance.

Compliance with Automotive SPICE® is a de-facto prerequisite to meet the requirements for ISO-26262 (Functional Safety in Automotive) and ISO-21434 (Cybersecurity in Automotive). It is hardly possible to achieve compliance with one of these standards without first having learned to manage development with ASPICE.

What is the purpose of an Automotive SPICE® Assessment?

An ASPICE Assessment makes the strengths and potentials of the development processes visible. It shows the risks caused by process weaknesses. It also enables the organization to understand their current situation, helping to identify process areas that require improvement and to understand the potential benefits of implementing an ASPICE-based development model.

What happens during an ASPICE Assessment?

During the assessment, a team of certified assessors performs a systematic evaluation of the system and software development processes and capability levels of the projects in focus. Typically, a predefined set of ASPICE processes (so-called VDA scope) is analyzed in one project. As a result, the assessed company will not only have an analysis of whether they are complying with the normative or not but also, they will receive guidance on how to fulfill the requirements to become ASPICE certified.

Who can perform an Automotive SPICE® Assessment?

The assessment team consists of intacs™ certified Automotive Assessors. The assessment team leader must be a certified Competent or Principal Assessor.

The assessor certification and certification level can be checked under

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