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Introducing 楷迈德 Knuevener Mackert China

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We are amazed by the demand for Automotive SPICE™ in China. Rapid progress is being made in the current megatrends in the automotive industry: new drive forms, intelligent networked vehicles (ICVs), artificial intelligence and the common economy. All these innovations depend decisively on new functions in the software and thus on its quality.

With 楷迈德 Knüvener Mackert China, we support our customers in the Chinese market with our many years of experience and great expertise in quality software and automotive SPICE™.

Western OEMs have long appreciated our international expertise and trust us and our evaluations. Our customers in China can benefit from this trust. We support them with training, analysis and consulting.

Our Chinese name楷迈德

楷迈德 Kǎimàidé not only represents the initials of Knüvener Mackert and our home country Deutschland, but also conveys our message: with the successful ASPICE model (楷 – Kǎi) and in large steps of change (迈 – Mài), we create the trust (德 – Dé) appreciated by the OEMs.

楷迈德Knüvener Mackert China trainings

  • Introduction to Automotive SPICE (webinar)
  • ASPICE Awareness for the Management
  • ASPICE for Process Managers
  • intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE™)
  • intacs™ Certified Competent Assessor (Automotive SPICE™)
  • Automotive SPICE VDA Guidelines
  • ASPICE Assessment Team
  • Agile SPICE™ – Bridge Agile to Automotive SPICE™
  • Certified Functional Safety Software Engineer and Certified Functional Safety Manager

You can sign up for our public trainings or ask us to come to your location for in-house trainings.

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