“Keep it simple!” Unsuitable and complicated processes lead to a paralyzing bureaucracy or to processes being applied incorrectly or incompletely. As a result, the transparency of responsibilities and progress suffers. We specialise in working with you to make workflows so simple and focused that everyone involved easily understands and accepts them. In fact, good processes immediately increase effectiveness, quality, reuse and motivation.

Once your specific product and development know-how is reflected in the “rules of the game” and processes of your organization, the employees understand who is specifically responsible for which tasks. The team members work efficiently and on time to achieve the results that are expected of them. The experts receive the right input for their tasks promptly. This increases motivation and saves costs. Project progress and conformity to standards become visible.

We promote agile processes that are accepted by all participants. A key to acceptance is the visible support by the sponsor, which gives the middle management the necessary support, so that the technical experts are motivated to implement the processes.

The Knüvener Mackert team accompanies you to your goal. We support you in the structured and pragmatic development of efficient solutions. With training and coaching activities tailored to your needs, we secure your improvements and your success.



Automotive SPICE® is the world’s leading standard for evaluating the development of software-controlled systems in automobiles.

ASPICE is used as:

  • Metrics for measuring (and comparing) process performance
  • Benchmark: What you should take as a reference for the competition.
  • Guide: What you should establish to improve your skills.
  • Collection of Best Practices for the Automotive Industry
  • International standard: proven, established worldwide

Read more about ASPICE solutions.

Funktionale Sicherheit

Functional Security and Cybersecurity

In safety-critical applications in vehicle electronics, the requirements of ISO 26262 apply. Our professionals support you in the consistent implementation of this safety standard.

We help you to effectively and efficiently integrate functional safety and cybersecurity (ISO 21434) into your processes so that your development becomes fit for the future challenges of electromobility, autonomous driving and the Internet of Things.

Read more about solutions in Functional Security (ISO 26262) and Cybersecurity (ISO 21434).


Agile and excellent development

Whether you are looking for a SCRUM Coach or want to strengthen Agile software development in your work unit, our team can accompany you to the next levels.

Agile methods like SCRUM or KANBAN bring transparency to your excellent development. Team meetings become short and effective through goal-oriented distribution of tasks and their transparency in progress diagrams and adapted ticketing systems.

Read more about solution concepts in the area of Agile in Automotive.

Global vision and experience

International process optimization and consulting by our experienced team.

KM Partners Worldwide

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CEOs: Christian Knüvener, Alexander Mackert

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Contact, CEO: Achim Gerber

Knüvener Mackert India

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Assessment and Process Analysis

Stagnation means regression. For your improvement process we offer a structured assessment to determine the starting point. We carry out a compact gap analysis or perhaps combined analysis and improvement workshops. Assessments show the strengths and potentials and confirm the effectiveness of successful improvements.

Our analysts are experienced and intacs certified Automotive SPICE® assessors.


Benefit from a strong team and our many years of global experience in the field of safety-critical system development. According to our philosophy we work with you on the best solution for your company with well understandable and accepted processes, which can be implemented with simple rules in your modern development. In this way, our knowledge becomes your winning asset for future challenges.


Only the force transmitted to the road surface causes acceleration. We accompany you and your employees from the requirements analysis to the successful completion in order to effectively convert the knowledge and experience gained in system development into innovative products. Our coaching keeps you motivated, goal-oriented and creative in your implementation. By this you will not only receive training, but will also be enabled to enter new areas.


Qualification and quality are inextricably linked. Get in touch with us via Inhouse Trainings. Qualify your team with individually adapted topics and examples from your daily business.

In our training area you will find our publicly offered trainings.

What our customers say

“Consulting by KnuevenerMackert does not mean, they only show you, where you need to improve, but they actively drive the improvement combining ASPICE, project management, and SW expertise in a very pragmatic, goal-oriented way.”

Torsten Treyde, Technical Director Engineering Quality, Braking, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

“Competent training & exercises close to reality helped to get the basics transferred to day-to-day work”

Dr. Jörg Kiefer, Senior Director Quality Assurance, WABCO Vehicle Control Systems

“Thanks for your great support on Quality Management for 3rd party Software. Demonstrated competence in theory and practical application.”

Markus Amtmann, Director of Engineering Process Quality, Continental Automotive GmbH.

“Training is more practical than theoretical. Helps in addressing real life situations, assessments and improvements.”

Praveen Gummadidala, Hexagon Capability Center Pvt Ltd.

“Scenarios based of exercises and role play sessions really helped to understand the model better.”

Manjari Santhosh, AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd.

“Christian does not only provide a very useful standard ASPICE training but also prepares dedicated training sessions, tailored to the specific needs of an organization.”

Torsten Treyde, Technical Director Engineering Quality, Braking, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

“Training is to the point, content is very useful to our business need, linked with real-life examples which make it very easy to understand and apply. Also, the trainer is very professional, has the ability to answer questions and influence the trainees, and supportive.“

Samer Sameh, Principal Assessment Manager, Valeo Interbranch Automotive Software

“In my opinion this training is the best platform for you to start the career as provisional assessor as well as to guide the team to work in a way ASPICE is expecting to achieve best quality product.”

Kaustubh Deshmukh, Siemens Technology and Services Bangalore

“Deep process knowledge including experience in modeling efficient process solution for complex organizations. Efficient and successful Management and organization of work groups to achieve targeted goals. Very result focused. Not losing target even in difficult discussions.”

Thomas Krahn, DAS Driver Assist Systems, Global Software Chief Engineer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

“The PA training helps me to convince management with strong arguments for Automotive SPICE®.”

Achim Gerber, Passion to Grow Ltd.

“Excellent knowledge which upskilled to boost confidence to climb in my career.”

A Senthilkumar

Strategic Partnerships




AUTOMOTIVE SPICE® v3.1 (extended VDA scope)




(derived from VDA Automotive SPICE®
Guidelines 1st Edition 2017)

Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity