Knüvener Mackert SPICE Booklet Edition 2022 7th

Automotive SPICE für Cybersecurity

New Processes SEC.1 – SEC.4, MAN.7, ACQ.2 with helpful introduction included.

Compressed VDA guidelines

The new SPICE Booklet contains notes and dependency diagrams that the experts at Knüvener Mackert have derived from the VDA Automotive SPICE® Guide. In this way, the ASPICE practices and the notes from the VDA guide can be read side by side, making the SPICE booklet extremely valuable for process improvement, assessment preparation and the assessment itself.

intacs™ ADD-ONs for Automotive SPICE included

Besides Automotive SPICE v3.1, all intacs™ ADD-ONs for Automotive SPICE are included in the current version: Agile SPICE™, Hardware Engineering SPICE and Mechanical Engineering SPICE.

More Gold Nuggets

The additional sections in the guide are particularly valuable: Introduction to Process Quality and ASPICE, compact ASPICE key concepts as well as the Assessment Guide with templates, guidelines and assessment notes. It is explained, for example, why different assessment results can be achieved depending on the definition of the assessment objective and when to define which assessment objective.

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    About this eBook

    Automotive SPICE™ is a standard used for improving and evaluating development processes of mechatronic systems. It is a framework which applies to traditional or agile developments. It supports the engineering of products which are critical according to safety or security. With the “Plug-in concept” of Automotive SPICE™ version 3.x the processes for development of mechanical and EE parts are more and more in focus.