Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity
Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity
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Automotive SPICE® Online Training

Our experiences after 1 year of online Automotive SPICE® Online Trainings are extremely positive. We were able to reorganize the online trainings in such a way that the disadvantages of exclusive communication via the Internet have hardly any effect, but the advantages of home office trainings come into their own.

Learning environment

Onsite trainings score particularly well in that the participants are specifically taken out of their project routine, which is prone to disruptions, and placed in an attractive training environment with good all-round care, in which they can concentrate fully on the training, including the course content and the professional exchange of experiences between participants and trainers. In addition to the theory, this also enables the exchange of ideas, approaches to solutions and everyday experiences.

Exchange experiences

In online trainings we therefore encourage this exchange by asking the participants to illuminate their defined topic area from the perspective of Automotive SPICE®, to prepare a small presentation with examples, critical success factors or questions and to present it to the group. This input is then used as an introduction to a discussion in which the theoretical learning material is put into practice-relevant contexts and with examples from all sides. Whether many concrete solutions come from the group or the trainer reports increasingly from his experiences, a lively exchange always arises, in which often more worth knowing comes out than in so many onsite training sessions in the noontime slump.

Focused learning

We avoid hour-long online sessions where concentration can hardly be maintained until the end. The online Automotive SPICE® trainings offer many possibilities to alternate between online discussion and in-depth exercises. Group and individual exercises break the monotony that could easily arise in 5-day full-time online seminars. In this way, the participants always find the opportunity to deepen the discussed learning content for themselves and to check their learning progress. At the beginning of the next online session, the questions that have arisen in the meantime are discussed in detail.


We notice that most participants are significantly more satisfied in the online seminars. They state that they can learn very effectively and that the exchange is intensive despite the physical distance. The results of the final exam are also consistently more positive compared to onsite training.

Online Training