The success story of Knüvener Mackert GmbH

Since 2001 the company founders Christian L. Knüvener and Alexander M. Mackert have been successful together in convincing customers of their long-term solution-oriented service.

From 2006 to 2014, they are successful separately with various OEMs and Tier-1s. But they exchanged their experiences every now and then.

In 2015, the joint slogan “Accept processes follow simple rules” is created. It reflects our focus and unique selling proposition: we support the customer in the ongoing improvement of processes by focusing on process acceptance.

In 2017, we merged our two management consultancies to form Knüvener Mackert GmbH in order to support our customers even more comprehensively and flexibly. We are specialized in Automotive SPICE® Assessment, Consulting, Coaching and Training. We are expanding our team with selected experts whose competencies we have already learned to appreciate from our network. We experience in everyday life that our customers can profit the most from our mutual complementarity.

By 2018, we are already working for our customers on 4 continents. We offer our services globally in order to win new customers and serve existing ones. Our team will be further strengthened and so we offer further services in the areas of Engineering, Leadership, Agile, Functional Security and Cybersecurity in addition to Automotive SPICE®.

Our strong team of experts

Our strong automotive team has been growing continuously since its foundation. We complement each other effectively in various projects with German and international customers and can thus continuously develop ourselves further.

From our customer experiences in personal coaching our slogan has been confirmed again and again: “Accept processes follow simple rules.”

We are constantly expanding our competencies in Automotive SPICE® Assessment, Consulting, Coaching and Training. In internal workshops we discuss current trends in e.g. Agile, Functional Security and Cybersecurity. We regularly invite external colleagues to exchange experts.

Get in touch with us and give us the opportunity to demonstrate our competence for your solutions.