Do Agile and SPICE mix
How do Agile and SPICE mix? Part 2
The intacs training course “HW-Engineering SPICE” has been revised

Insight into ASPICE 4.0: Prepare yourself as a Provisional Assessor!

Redaktion: Christian Knüvener, Achim Gerber

Dear partners and interested parties of Knüvener Mackert,

ASPICE 4.0 – the latest iteration of Automotive SPICE (Software/System Process Improvement and Capability Determination) – is just around the corner and promises significant changes for the automotive industry. At Knüvener Mackert, we look forward to keeping you up to date with this exciting development, as well as presenting you with an important opportunity: Provisional Assessor training ahead of the upcoming transition.

ASPICE 4.0 marks a turning point in the world of automotive development as it is not just an update, but a comprehensive evolution of the standard. This update includes a variety of adjustments aimed at meeting changing requirements and technological advances. From an expanded inclusion of AI with machine learning to the consideration of hardware development and validation of stakeholder requirements, ASPICE 4.0 reflects the innovative nature of the automotive industry.

In view of these impending changes to the training concept for assessors, we would like to encourage you to train as a Provisional Assessor or Competent Assessor in good time. As a Provisional Assessor, you will not only be prepared for the new requirements, but you can also play a key role in preparing other organizations for the transition. Your expertise will help to ease the transition and ensure that all parties involved reap the benefits of the new ASPICE version. As a Competent Assessor, they are qualified to lead assessments.

Intacs Training Architecture ASPICE 3.1


You can still become a Provisional Assessor with just 5 days of training and an exam and gain assessment experience as a Co-Assessor. In 2024, a transition phase will begin in which you can easily become a Competent Assessor as a Provisional Assessor: you need 250 hours of proven assessment experience including an observation as well as a one-day ASPICE 4.0 Update Training and a 5-day Competent Assessor Training with examination. So only another 6 training days and an exam. This makes a total of 11 training days and 2 exams.

In mid-2024, certification as a Process Expert will be required as an entry point to the assessor career path, which can be achieved with a 4-day training course and an exam. You then train to become a Provisional Assessor and Competent Assessor. In order to become a Provisional Assessor, you will therefore need two 4-day training courses and an exam. The Competent Assessor training will continue to be a 5-day course with examination. In total, this means 13 training days and 3 exams.

intacs training architecture ASPICE 4.0


Our assessor training program is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to effectively understand and apply the new standard. This investment in your qualification will not only deepen your own understanding, but will also give your company a decisive advantage by adapting to the new guidelines at an early stage.

Would you like to find out more about becoming an Automotive SPICE Assessor? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to register for our training course:

We firmly believe that ASPICE 4.0 is not just a change, but an opportunity for growth and innovation in the automotive industry. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and shape the future of automotive development.

Your Knüvener Mackert team



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26-Feb-2024 - 1-Mar-2024intacs® certified Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME3090 €2831 €
4-Mar-2024 - 5-Mar-2024Agile SPICE® – a bridge to Automotive SPICE®ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1098 €
11-Mar-2024 - 15-Mar-2024Automotive SPICE® Assessment TeamDE / EN3180 €3180 €
18-Mar-2024 - 19-Mar-2024Hardware Engineering SPICEENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1098 €
18-Mar-2024 - 20-Mar-2024Automotive SPICE for CybersecurityENOnline, EARLY TIME1880 €1722 €
18-Mar-2024 - 22-Mar-2024intacs® certified Competent Assessor Automotive SPICE®ENOnline, EARLY TIME3240 €2966 €
8-Apr-2024 - 12-Apr-2024Automotive SPICE® Assessment TeamDE / EN3180 €2862 €
8-Apr-2024 - 9-Apr-2024Automotive SPICE® CompactDERegion Stuttgart, EARLY TIME1220 €1118 €
8-Apr-2024 - 12-Apr-2024intacs® certified Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE® DERegion Stuttgart, EARLY TIME3090 €2831 €
5-Apr-2024 - 5-Apr-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME640 €532 €
22-Apr-2024 - 22-Apr-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME120 €120 €
29-Apr-2024 - 29-Apr-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeDEOnline, EARLY TIME120 €120 €
6-May-2024 - 6-May-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME640 €532 €
13-May-2024 - 17-May-2024Automotive SPICE® Assessment TeamDE / EN3180 €2862 €
27-May-2024 - 27-May-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME640 €532 €
3-Jun-2024 - 7-Jun-2024intacs® certified Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME3090 €2572 €
3-Jun-2024 - 4-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE® CompactENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €
5-Jun-2024 - 7-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE for CybersecurityENOnline, EARLY TIME1880 €1564 €
17-Jun-2024 - 18-Jun-2024Agile SPICE® – a bridge to Automotive SPICE®ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €976 €
19-Jun-2024 - 19-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME640 €532 €
24-Jun-2024 - 25-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE® CompactENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €
24-Jun-2024 - 28-Jun-2024intacs® certified Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME3090 €2572 €
1-Jul-2024 - 2-Jul-2024Hardware Engineering SPICEENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €976 €
15-Jul-2024 - 18-Jul-2024intacs® certified Process Expert Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME2680 €2224 €
8-Aug-2024 - 12-Aug-2024Automotive SPICE® Assessment TeamDE / EN3180 €2862 €
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