Agile SPICE – a bridge to Automotive SPICE


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24-Sep-2024 - 25-Sep-2024ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €Exam450Online training 10%, early bird discount 10%, teams >2 10%, teams >4 10%, from best cost country 10%, private/freelancer 10% [max 50%]
17-Oct-2024 - 18-Oct-2024ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €Exam450Online training 10%, early bird discount 10%, teams >2 10%, teams >4 10%, from best cost country 10%, private/freelancer 10% [max 50%]
12-Nov-2024 - 13-Nov-2024ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €Exam450Online training 10%, early bird discount 10%, teams >2 10%, teams >4 10%, from best cost country 10%, private/freelancer 10% [max 50%]
13-Dec-2024 - 14-Dec-2024ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €Exam450Online training 10%, early bird discount 10%, teams >2 10%, teams >4 10%, from best cost country 10%, private/freelancer 10% [max 50%]

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General Information

Duration: 2 days
Time: 9:00 – 17.00

Training-ID: 11.012.XX

Language: German or English
Trainer: Christian Knüvener

Seminar profile: Agile SPICE®

More and more developments are successfully aligned in an agile way. Agile development teams can live very stable and effective processes. However, there are often difficulties in demonstrating these strengths and conformance to quality standards.

Agile SPICE® is a new process assessment model (PAM) developed in the intacs working group to be able to measure established processes in agile development environments and demonstrate their capacity and effectiveness.

Agile SPICE also supports the implementation of mature processes in agile environments.

Seminar content and duration can be customized by arrangement. Standard: 2 days

Optional participation in an independently administered exam on the last day.


The training enables the participants to apply Agile SPICE in their agile environment and to benefit from Agile SPICE. They will be able to map the elements of Agile SPICE with those of Automotive SPICE. They learn how Agile SPICE is interpreted in the context of an assessment. And they know how Automotive SPICE-focused companies can gradually become more Agile without jeopardizing the process maturity they have achieved.

With lots of interaction, exercises and practice-relevant exchange of experiences, agile solutions for typical process improvement and Automotive SPICE® topics will be discussed and developed.

We look forward to your feedback and will hand out a training certificate at the end.


The course will address the following contents:

  • Agile SPICE can support the viewpoint of an agile organization by
    • explaining process capability requirements in agile environments, especially in the automotive industry
    • avoiding discussions about specific agile approaches
    • ensuring expected process capability by the automotive industry
    • helping in both implementing agile good practices and achieving Automotive SPICE expectations at the same time
    • resolving typical misunderstandings of how to implement and assess relevant Base Practices in agile environments
  • The model can support organizations transitioning to agile practices:
    • How to keep existing capabilities while moving toward agile approaches?
    • Learning about agile terminology
    • Discussing typical pitfalls in an agile environment (e.g., how to ensure a minimum of governance)
  • The agile processes and their practices help assessors
    • to harmonize interpretations of existing SPICE processes in agile work environments
    • to use common terminology for assessing agile practices
    • to align ratings between classical and agile approaches
  • Learn how Agile SPICE can help bridge Automotive SPICE™ processes MAN.3, SUP.1, and ACQ.4
  • Learn how Agile SPICE can help in interpreting engineering and supporting processes.
  • Exercises
  • Exam preparation


The training is for all interested parties, especially intacs assessors, agile team members, and quality and process managers.


Participants will be able to apply Agile SPICE in their agile environment.

Certified intacs assessors qualify to interpret Agile SPICE in assessment by successfully passing the exam.


This training is exclusively delivered by an experienced and certified intacs™ Certified Principal Assessor. He has many years of hands-on experience in process improvement, assessment delivery and in delivering training and workshops.

The trainer has extensive experience in transitioning to accepted processes in diverse and highly varied environments, e.g., small or large, distributed and/or multicultural developments.

Participants receive a printed copy of the world’s best SPICE booklet containing Automotive SPICE®, Agile SPICE, Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity, Hardware Engineering SPICE, Mechanical Engineering SPICE and Assessment GUIDELINES derived from the VDA guidelines, among others.


This seminar is offered ONLINE or ON-SITE as well as INHOUSE or PUBLIC.


On the afternoon of the last day of the course, the training participants can participate in an exam.

The exam is held in English. The regular duration of the exam is one hour. Examinees whose native language is not English receive 50% more exam time.

Excerpt from the training material

Each participant receives one of the world’s best SPICE booklet.



Knüvener Mackert Trainee Program Trainee Program: Get your Automotive SPICE® Lead Assessor Qualification in 5 Steps - Today almost all components in cars are mechatronic systems with increasing complexity. Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and Cyber Security are critical aspects to be considered in developing these car components. To qualify as a supplier, OEMs require development processes compliant to capability level CL 2 or even CL 3 in Automotive SPICE®. In other words: to deliver software-driven components, you must be fit in ASPICE®.