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Is the Project Manager Responsible for Providing Resources at all?

Editor: Hendrik Meyl, Achim Gerber

According to ISO 26262, the responsibility for providing resources lies with the organization. Thus, the management as its executive body is responsible for providing these resources to all involved entities, including projects, IT department, quality management, etc. The project manager, on the other hand, is responsible for matching necessary and available resources to successfully obtain the resources from the organization.


However, the management can only decide on the basis of the information it receives from the different projects and entities.

Consequently, the project manager must keep an eye on his project, i.e., he must know the objectives and the status of the implementation of these objectives. He must ensure that he correctly evaluates the necessary resources, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. In addition, the project manager must ensure that the project is adequately supported by other parts of the organization by reporting bottlenecks and successfully requesting the provision of resources and personnel.

Where do the resources come from?

Based on this information, the project manager’s reasoned requests for resources must be taken seriously by the organization and appropriately considered and met. The mechanism that ensures a balanced decision on resource allocation is that those authorized to allocate resources are also those responsible for releasing the product.

Following this train of thought, everyone who has influence over available resources should be aware that they share responsibility for project outcomes. This starts with the salesperson of a supplier who makes a special offer just to get his commission and ends with the purchasing department of the customer who squeezes the last cent out of their suppliers.

Safety with limited resources

It is always easy to proclaim “Safety First!”, yet the available resources are always limited. So true safety ultimately comes from highly efficient and effective execution of safety-related projects. Process excellence ensures that the available resources not only lead to the desired level of safety but also provide the necessary evidence.

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