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Latest information on ASPICE 4 Upgrade Training and more!

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Dear Automotive SPICE Enthusiasts,

We have been receiving a lot of questions about ASPICE 4 recently and we are pleased to share some important information about the ASPICE 4 Upgrade Training and other new features with you here:

1. How long does the ASPICE 4 Upgrade Training last?

The ASPICE 4 Upgrade Training lasts 1 day and provides a comprehensive introduction to the new standards and requirements. It will be offered from April 2024. Due to high demand, we have added further training dates to our website.

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2. Does the ASPICE 4 upgrade training include the new processes for machine learning and hardware engineering?

No, the new processes for machine learning and hardware engineering are taught in separate extension training courses. The training courses are each 2 days long, including the respective exam, with which you can demonstrate the skills you have acquired.

3. Who is the ASPICE 4 Upgrade Training for?

The Automotive SPICE 4 Upgrade Training is required in the first step for all certified assessors who want to lead an assessment. However, all other assessors also need the training if they want to apply for renewal of their assessor status from July 2024. Other ASPICE experts are encouraged to keep their expertise up to date.

4. Why is it now easier than ever to become a Lead Assessor during the transition phase?

In the transition phase from ASPICE 3 to ASPICE 4, certified Provisional Assessors only need two training courses totaling 6 days in addition to proof of experience to become a Competent Assessor.  Currently, only the Upgrade Training and the Competent Assessor Training are required. Previously, the VDA Guideline Training was required, but this is no longer necessary with the Upgrade Training. In future, you will first have to become a certified Process Expert in order to be able to take the next steps in the assessor career.

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5. When can ASPICE 4 assessments be carried out?

Once the lead assessor has attended the ASPICE 4 upgrade training, he is qualified to lead an assessment according to the new standard.

6. how long can I still conduct assessments according to Automotive SPICE 3.1?

Although ASPICE 4 has been introduced, you can still assess according to Automotive SPICE 3.1 for a limited time. However, it is recommended to migrate to ASPICE 4 in the medium term in order to stay up to date. It seems strange to want to “sell” successes according to outdated standards. Automotive manufacturers and key suppliers will eventually expect compliance with the new standard.

7. Is ASPICE 4 easier or harder?

Opinions may vary, but many find that ASPICE 4 is more challenging due to its new extensions and requirements. The upgrade training provides a solid foundation to successfully overcome the challenges.

8. Is Automotive SPICE 4 easier or harder in the existing processes?

The number of base practices has been significantly reduced in the existing processes, but not or not significantly the expectations. For example, Level 1 no longer explicitly asks for strategies for the respective process (but only from Level 2 in planning), but in practice such strategies are still required in order to be able to carry out and demonstrate the expected activities for Level 1 systematically and effectively.

9. What’s new in ASPICE 4?

Automotive SPICE 4 brings with it a number of improvements and additions, including new processes and new process groups for machine learning and hardware engineering to meet the constantly changing requirements of the industry. The VDA Scope standard is also being redefined.

Registration and further information:

We hope you find this information useful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Take this opportunity to expand your skills and position yourself as an expert in the field of Automotive SPICE. We look forward to welcoming you to our training courses!

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22-Apr-2024 - 22-Apr-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME120 €120 €
29-Apr-2024 - 29-Apr-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeDEOnline, EARLY TIME120 €120 €
6-May-2024 - 6-May-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME640 €586 €
27-May-2024 - 27-May-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME640 €532 €
3-Jun-2024 - 7-Jun-2024intacs® certified Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME3090 €2572 €
3-Jun-2024 - 4-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE® CompactENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €
5-Jun-2024 - 7-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE for CybersecurityENOnline, EARLY TIME1880 €1564 €
17-Jun-2024 - 18-Jun-2024Agile SPICE® – a bridge to Automotive SPICE®ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €
19-Jun-2024 - 19-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE® 4.0 UpgradeENOnline, EARLY TIME640 €532 €
24-Jun-2024 - 25-Jun-2024Automotive SPICE® CompactENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €
24-Jun-2024 - 28-Jun-2024intacs® certified Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME3090 €2572 €
1-Jul-2024 - 2-Jul-2024Hardware Engineering SPICEENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €
15-Jul-2024 - 19-Jul-2024intacs® certified Provisional Assessor Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME3090 €2572 €
8-Aug-2024 - 12-Aug-2024Automotive SPICE® Assessment TeamDE / EN3180 €2862 €
7-Oct-2024 - 10-Oct-2024intacs® certified Process Expert Automotive SPICE® ENOnline, EARLY TIME2680 €2224 €
16-Dec-2024 - 20-Dec-2024intacs® certified Competent Assessor Automotive SPICE®ENOnline, EARLY TIME3240 €2692 €
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