Automotive SPICE® Assessment Team


Trainings are also offered as in-house training

8-Aug-2024 - 12-Aug-2024DE / EN3180 €
23-Sep-2024 - 27-Sep-2024DE / EN3180 €
7-Oct-2024 - 11-Oct-2024DE / EN3180 €
4-Nov-2024 - 8-Nov-2024DE / EN3180 €

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Duration: 5 days
Time: 9:00 – 17.30 Uhr

Training-ID: 11.002.

You participate as certified Automotive SPICE® co-assessor in an Automotive SPICE® Assessment at a customer of Knüvener Mackert. You gain assessment experience and a deep understanding in the internal dependencies and the performance of an assessment.

The Automotive SPICE® assessor gains a much better understanding of Automotive SPICE®, which will support the daily work.
The Automotive SPICE® assessor gains practical assessment experience.
The Automotive SPICE® assessor gains a deep insight into another / foreign development environment. The team members will experience foreign best practices, which might be applicable in the own environment as well.

The assessment will follow the KM Assessment Model including planning, interviews, consolidation, rating and reporting.


Intacs™ Certified Assessors (Automotive SPICE®)

The participant must be an Intacs™ Certified Assessors (Automotive SPICE® ) and sign an NDA. The participant must be accepted by the assessed organization.

Participants will receive a  copy of the world’s best ASPICE Guide with AUTOMTOIVE SPICE® v3.1, Mechanical Engineering SPICE v1.4 and GUIDELINES, which are derived from the VDA Guidelines v1.0 .
This assessment is exclusively lead by an experienced intacs™ Certified Principal Assessor with extensive experience with practical assessment implementation.
In the previous assessments all team members had great fun and learned a lot about the assessment performance, especially how to avoid pitfalls and what to recognize carefully.

This training is offered as inhouse training as well.

Excerpt from the training material

Each participant receives one of the world’s best ASPICE guides.

Knüvener Mackert Trainee Program Trainee Program: Get your Automotive SPICE® Lead Assessor Qualification in 5 Steps - Today almost all components in cars are mechatronic systems with increasing complexity. Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and Cyber Security are critical aspects to be considered in developing these car components. To qualify as a supplier, OEMs require development processes compliant to capability level CL 2 or even CL 3 in Automotive SPICE®. In other words: to deliver software-driven components, you must be fit in ASPICE®.