Certified Safety Manager


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Safety management should be fun. This training teaches how to build an effective and efficient safety management system according to ISO26262.

Ways are shown for a harmonious integration of the safety activities into the existing development process.

  • Basics and tasks of safety management with the associated elements of quality and process management
  • Efficiency and acceptance of the Functional Safety Lifecycle
  • Smart creation of a safety plan
  • Efficient integration of safety management into project management
  • Creation of the Safety Case
  • Preparations for the Functional Safety Assessment, including the preparation of participants
  • Guiding and steering of assessors

ID: 15.006.xx

  • 3 Days
  • Online, in-house and public
  • Seminar material
    (A4, spiral binding)
Target audience
  • Safety Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Executives