Better processes lead to better products

Quality doesn’t just happen. Quality is the result of what has been planned and implemented to achieve this quality.

We are convinced that investments in understandable and efficient processes are worthwhile. This starts with the processes in management, continues with engineering, quality assurance, functional security and cybersecurity and extends to the processes for training and tools. Investments in agility and process acceptance are particularly rewarding.

We listen. We want to solve your specific problems, however together with you, because solutions installed externally or in parallel to the projects usually do not offer any help. Together with you, we develop suitable, integrated solutions that ensure lasting success.

Integrated improvements

In order to effectively establish suitable and integrated solutions for you, the following basic procedure has proven itself.

  1. goal setting
  2. position determination
  3. improvement plan
  4. solution development
  5. piloting
  6. measurement
  7. roll-out

We made good experiences with planning the individual improvements in gradual steps and piloting small scopes gradually and then establishing them further. We often recommend implementing steps 4 to 7 in many small and easy increments.

Analysis Workshops

In certain situations, it is necessary to show the first successes as soon as possible. For these special cases, we offer analysis workshops in which we begin consolidating the answers immediately after a short interview and work out and evaluate possible solutions together with the interview partners.

How may we support you?

Automotive SPICE® Assessment

Our experienced ASPICE assessors have already carried out numerous assessments worldwide in multifaceted projects of varying size and complexity. Our VDA and intacs certified assessors analyze the processes according to the VDA and intacs specifications.

We analyze the strengths and potentials of your processes and show you the improvements that can be implemented quickly as well as the necessary conceptual changes.

Benefit from the rich experience and professional objectivity of our process analyses.

An assessment is usually the first step towards implementing Automotive SPICE® in your company.

Automotive SPICE® Process Consulting

As soon as we know the strengths and potentials of your processes, we create a roadmap to achieve tangible improvements in defined steps.

For this purpose, we have developed a 5-phase process improvement method that enables systemic improvement. A key factor is the definition of the interfaces between processes and teams.

Our main focus is to drive the change to a continuous and sustainable process acceptance even after the completion of the consulting project. Accepted processes follow simple rules. That is why we concentrate on solutions that are easy to understand.

We understand that the human aspect plays an important role in the success of the project. For this reason, we do not limit ourselves to the technical aspects of Automotive SPICE®, but also want to convince and motivate the team at all levels within the company.


We won’t leave you standing in the cold. Instead we’ll accompany you on your journey and assist you in reaching your chosen destination. We’ll help strengthen your organisation, from the initial analysis through to the full product development process. On the job training and examples of proven and recognized procedures are indispensable tools when introducing change or entering new areas.


Whoever stops learning has stopped being good. Anyone who says that continuing education is not an issue in their company is most likely to have a real concern.

Don’t let others get ahead of you. Benefit from our know-how and experience.

After all, learning from the experiences of others is very efficient.

Automotive SPICE® and Agility

With today’s complex products and short development cycles, agile processes are often indispensable.

To be truly agile, you need few goal-oriented processes that make you successful. We favour SCRUM, KANBAN or even better: a for you suitable combination from the toolbox of agile methods.

In order to design workflows efficiently, you need a deep understanding of processes and a functioning and low-bureaucratic process framework such as Automotive SPICE® offers.

Agility without ASPICE is like a sports vehicle without a road. You simply won’t get far.

Automotive SPICE® and Safety

It is easy to set up a process environment based on the requirements of Automotive SPICE®, Functional Security (ISO 26262) and Cybersecurity (ISO 21434) that appears difficult and paralyzing.

We have seen how, with well thought-out solutions, the required work steps are integrated into the project in such a way that the evidence is created adequately and on time. This makes progress simply visible.

We want to ensure effective security efficiently with you.

Let’s discuss how we can support you

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Christian Knüvener
Principal Consultant & CEO