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8-Apr-2024 - 9-Apr-2024DERegion Stuttgart, EARLY TIME1220 €1118 €Online training 10%, early bird discount 10%, teams >2 10%, teams >4 10%, from best cost country 10%, private/freelancer 10% [max 50%]
3-Jun-2024 - 4-Jun-2024ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €Online training 10%, early bird discount 10%, teams >2 10%, teams >4 10%, from best cost country 10%, private/freelancer 10% [max 50%]
24-Jun-2024 - 25-Jun-2024ENOnline, EARLY TIME1220 €1016 €Online training 10%, early bird discount 10%, teams >2 10%, teams >4 10%, from best cost country 10%, private/freelancer 10% [max 50%]

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Duration: 2 days
Time: 9:30 – 17.00 Uhr

Training-ID: 11.006.


This very proven training is our bestseller, our most requested training.

Participants learn about the Automotive SPICE® v3.1 process assessment model, the leading standard for process assessments in the automotive industry.

In addition, participants will understand how to argue and act in order to support process compliance and promote the implementation of Automotive SPICE®.

They will learn the requirements and infrastructure necessary for systemic process improvements. Finally, you will be able to avoid typical process improvement pitfalls and you will be able to drive culture and process change in your daily work.

With a lot of interaction, exercises and practice-relevant exchange of experiences, solutions for typical topics of process improvement and Automotive SPICE® are discussed and developed.

We look forward to your feedback and will issue a training certificate at the end.


The basic Automotive SPICE knowledge is taught interactively.

  1. goals and successful implementation of Automotive SPICE
  2. the engineering processes
  3. the management and support processes and Agile SPICE
  4. the stabilization and capacity increase of the processes
  5. the procedure of an Automotive SPICE Assessment
  6. do’s and don’ts before and during assessment
  7. success factors of process improvement


The training is for all interested parties, especially project managers, quality managers, engineers and managers.


The participants have a good understanding of the structure and contents of Automotive SPICE®. They understand the dependencies between the ASPICE elements and know their meaning. They will be able to better assume their responsibility for processes. Obstacles to Automotive SPICE® and intrinsically motivated process compliance are identified and removed.


This training is held exclusively by an experienced and certified intacs™ Certified Principal Assessor. He has many years of practical experience in process improvement, assessment execution and in holding training courses and workshops.

The trainer has extensive experience in switching to accepted processes in different and very different environments, e.g. small or large, distributed and/or multicultural developments.

Participants will receive a copy of the world’s best ASPICE Guide with AUTOMTOIVE SPICE v3.1, Mechanical Engineering SPICE v1.4 and GUIDELINES, derived from the VDA Guidelines .


This seminar is offered ONLINE, INHOUSE and as public training.

Excerpt from the training material

Each participant receives one of the world’s best ASPICE guides.



Knüvener Mackert Trainee Program Trainee Program: Get your Automotive SPICE® Lead Assessor Qualification in 5 Steps - Today almost all components in cars are mechatronic systems with increasing complexity. Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and Cyber Security are critical aspects to be considered in developing these car components. To qualify as a supplier, OEMs require development processes compliant to capability level CL 2 or even CL 3 in Automotive SPICE®. In other words: to deliver software-driven components, you must be fit in ASPICE®.