Update Agile SPICE® & ASPICE Guide

Agile SPICE™ baut eine Brücke zwischen der Welt der agilen Methoden und der von der Qualitätssicherung geprägten Welt von SPICE und Automotive SPICE®. In der neuen Version von Agile SPICE™ ist das Agile Work Management aufgrund der vielen Rückmeldungen aus der Anwendung überarbeitet worden. Neu hinzugekommen sind Partner Collaboration Management und Agile Quality Assurance.

Automotive SPICE® Online Training

Our experiences after 1 year of online Automotive SPICE® Online Trainings are extremely positive. We were able to reorganize the online trainings in such a way that the disadvantages of exclusive communication via the Internet have hardly any effect, but the advantages of home office trainings come into their own.
Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity

Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity

The topic of cybersecurity assessments is being pursued with full commitment. After the intacs™ working group "Cybersecuirty SPICE" developed a first PAM as an intacs™ add-on for existing SPICE models in 2020, a working group of the VDA has now published the yellow volume "Automotive SPICE for Cybersecurity 1st Edition February 2021" online based on this material. The feedback phase ends at the end of May 2021 The yellow volume consists of 2 parts: Part I contains the process reference and the assessment model for Cybersecurity Engineering. Part II contains the assessment guidelines for the process.
Automotive SPICE Online Assessments - Success factors for quality results

Automotive SPICE Online Assessment – Success factors for quality results

As in the regular assessment, the local coordinator helps to implement the assessment agenda. The only difference is that, in contrast to the face-to-face assessment, the interviewees and process owners present their content online via the Internet. This means that there is no small talk during the breaks between the interviews and thus no lightening of the atmosphere. It is difficult to release the tension. Nevertheless, an online assessment should also deliver a high-quality result in the evaluation of strengths and potential. A good interview climate plays a decisive role in this. To ensure that this is also good and effective online, the following measures have proven effective at Knüvener Mackert:
Software Re-Use

Software Re-Use: Basic Principles And Guidelines

Software re-use is something that everyone claims to strive for. But what counts as re-use and how can it be achieved? The ultimate goal of re-use is to be able to use source code across multiple projects without the need for code changes. The key question I would like to address is how to get there. What guiding principles must be observed to encourage the development of re-usable software?
Knüvener Mackert Trainee Program

Trainee Program: Get your Automotive SPICE® Lead Assessor Qualification in 5 Steps

Today almost all components in cars are mechatronic systems with increasing complexity. Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and Cyber Security are critical aspects to be considered in developing these car components. To qualify as a supplier, OEMs require development processes compliant to capability level CL 2 or even CL 3 in Automotive SPICE®. In other words: to deliver software-driven components, you must be fit in ASPICE®.
KM SPICE Guide 2020 2nd

New ASPICE Guide with everything you need to know about Automotive SPICE

We have further improved our ASPICE Guide and it is now available as PDF or brochure in DIN A6 format. The new ASPICE® Guide contains notes and dependency diagrams that the experts at Knüvener Mackert have derived from the VDA Automotive SPICE® Guide. In this way, the ASPICE practices and the notes from the VDA guide can be read side by side, making the ASPICE guide extremely valuable for process improvement, assessment preparation and the assessment itself.
Online Training

How to make online trainings effective?

How to make online trainings effective? Pros and cons of online training Are online trainings effective, and can they, therefore, be an alternative to classroom training? […]
Aglie SPICE(tm)

Agile SPICE™ is the bridge to Automotive SPICE™

The strengths of agile development teams should be incorporated into the projects evaluated according to ASPICE criteria. Agile and ASPICE want the same thing: efficient development of good software. While in agile terms such as Epic, User Story, Backlog, Sprint are defined and lived, in Automotive SPICE™ project plan, defined milestones, quality management, configuration management etc. are in the foreground. In Agile SPICE, process attributes are now redefined to include agility in team orientation, flexible reaction to change and cooperation with the customer.