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Trainee Program: Get your Automotive SPICE® Lead Assessor Qualification in 5 Steps

Knüvener Mackert Trainee Program

Get your ASPICE® Lead Assessor Qualification in 5 Steps

Today almost all components in cars are mechatronic systems with increasing complexity. Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and Cyber Security are critical aspects to be considered in developing these car components. To qualify as a supplier, OEMs require development processes compliant to capability level CL 2 or even CL 3 in Automotive SPICE®. In other words: to deliver software-driven components, you must be fit in ASPICE®.

Automotive SPICE® Trainee Program

Automotive SPICE® assessments provide the required evidence in the project about the capacity of the processes. During such an analysis a large number of simple activities are checked, which everyone expects from common sense in a development project. However, the number of individual process requirements can only be met by a systematic approach. Many process specifications are only insufficiently implemented in practice and in order to successfully improve the development processes, companies in the automotive industry train their personnel in ASPICE. A proven way to achieve higher skill levels is the training of key positions in the project as certified Provisional Assessors. They can then act as co-assessors in the assessment team to build a substantial understanding of process improvement.

Step 1 : intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor

In a five-day training, you gain a deep understanding of how Automotive SPICE® assessments are performed according to ISO 33002. In Knüvener Mackert Trainings you learn how simple and unbureaucratic processes lead to high acceptance and efficiency.

Step 2: Automotive SPICE® Assessment Team

We are learning by doing. Get involved as co-assessor in Assessments together with experienced Automotive SPICE® lead assessors from Knüvener Mackert. During the assessment, you learn to ask the right questions, identify product risks, and rate the provided evidence in the consultation sessions.

Double gain: Get your project assessed by Knüvener Mackert lead assessors and provide the opportunity to gain expert knowledge to your team as co-assessors.

Step 3: Introduction to the VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines

Assessments should not depend on the lead assessor. The VDA introduced guidelines with concrete rules and recommendations. Get this intacs™ certificate on your path to become a competent assessor.

Step 4: intacs™ Certified Competent Assessor

In this licensed training, you learn all that is needed to lead qualified Automotive SPICE® assessments. Knüvener Mackert trainers not only teach you the mechanics of performing an assessment but also train soft skills in workshop exercises on how to manage time, ask to the point questions, and maneuver through critical situations.

Step 5: Automotive SPICE® Assessment Observation

The final step to demonstrate that you are qualified to lead Automotive SPICE® assessments according to the code of conduct you need to perform an ASPICE assessment under supervision. Knüvener Mackert can provide you the rare opportunity to do this as a real assessment to gain the last bit in your qualification to apply for your Automotive SPICE Competent Assessor license card at the VDA-QMC.

Intacs ASPICE Assessor Certification

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