Christian Knüvener

Principal Consultant and CEO

A renowned teacher of Automotive SPICE™ and a seasoned Automotive SPICE™ assessor with more than 250 assessments across the globe to his credit.
His guiding principle, “Keep it simple”, is what drives Christian’s success as an Automotive SPICE™ trainer and as a consultant for development processes.

Christian supports his customers to improve their development processes to achieve acceptance and compliance with technical standards.

Christian is a leader in Automotive SPICE™ and a co-founder of intacs™. He contributed to the success of Automotive SPICE™ and intacs by creating the GATE4SPICE concept as the experience exchange platform for Automotive SPICE assessors.

He is an Advisory Board member of intacs™. In this role, he supports the maintenance of the guidelines for assessor certification, training syllabus, and certified training material.
Christian and his business partner Alexander founded Knüvener Mackert GmbH in April 2017.

``I strive to find simple solutions to complex problems in order to gain acceptance and benefit.``

Alexander Mackert

Principal Consultant and CEO

Alexander is Principal Consultant and an Automotive SPICE™ Assessor.
His expertise encompasses project and program management.

He is well versed and experienced in the introduction and deployment of accepted development processes which comply with technical regulations.

Alexander worked more than ten years in various roles ranging from Software Developer, Key-Account Manager, to Regional Manager before becoming an independent consultant.

Alex has successfully coached project management programs for multiple Tier-1 suppliers across Europe.

His broad experience with processes and his experience with project management challenges contribute to the value that Alex brings to our international clients.

Alexander and his business partner Christian founded Knüvener Mackert GmbH in April 2017.

``It excites me to achieve the transition to the next level of competence.``

Gerald Harris

Senior Consultant

The senior most member of the Knuevener Mackert family, Gerald’s area of specialization is system and software engineering for embedded, real-time systems.
His experience spans the full range of associated disciplines, including requirements engineering, architecture, design, coding, integration, and testing.

He has acquired hands-on experience ranging from boot code, hypervisor and RTOS up through all application layers to include graphical user interfaces. As an engineer, his quest has always been to blend engineering excellence with simplicity. In addition to his technical background he has also acquired experience in technical leadership, culminating in a role as head of software platform development for infotainment at Visteon.

His total of 16 years of experience in medical technology followed by 19 years in the automotive industry provide him with a deep understanding of the benefits of good development processes and how important it is that these be both simple and clear. His central guiding precept is that quality can only be built in, it can never be added on.

``I love to blend technical excellence with simplicity.``

Dr. Joachim Leder

Senior Consultant

Joachim has been working in the Automotive Industry since 1990, having held positions both with Audi AG and Opel Automobile.
With his structured thinking and common-sense approach to solution-finding, Joachim has handled several complex projects in Product development and served in various capacities in the automotive industry (NVH-engineer, Chief Engineer Vehicle, Program Manager, Department Head Body Development, Director Manufacturing).

His in-depth knowledge in vehicle development and manufacturing processes is exemplified by the position he held as Director Manufacturing Engineering for all European plants at the time he left Opel.

Joachim is a key member of our consulting team, contributing the skills required to deal with engagements that will require large organizational changes.

He is a certified Automotive SPICE™ Provisional Assessor, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt with a specialization in the application of DFSS.

``My highest goal is to provide smart and competent solutions based on thorough analysis.``

Adriana Gramming

Senior Consultant

Adriana Gramming
Senior Consultant

Seit 15 Jahren unterstützt Adriana internationale Unternehmen, hauptsächlich im Automobilsektor, bei der Verbesserung, Optimierung und Automatisierung ihrer Systems Engineering Prozesse. Im Mittelpunkt stehen stets praktische und leicht verständliche Prozesse, die die Anforderungen von Industriestandards wie Automotive SPICE™, ISO 26262 oder CMMI berücksichtigen.

Als führende Beraterin für das Prozessmanagementtool STAGES hat Adriana die Software in zahlreichen Unternehmen ausgerollt. Ihre Aktivitäten reichten von der Prozessmodellierung über die Anwenderschulung bis hin zur Integration in die IT-Infrastruktur.  Als Toolexpertin kennt Adriana sich auch mit weiteren wichtigen Werkzeugen zur Prozessmodellierung und Veröffentlichung aus.

``Mein Ziel ist es, sinnvolle, und zugleich leicht verständliche Prozesse zu definieren, die alle bei Ihrer täglichen Arbeit unterstützen.``

Rüdiger Bayer

Senior Consultant

Rüdiger Bayer has been a Software Developer, Trainer, and consultant for more than 25 years. He gathered his experience while working in the Automotive Branch and Medical Engineering.
He has worked on projects based on Windows, as well as, on Linux and Embedded Systems.

In addition to courses for C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, XML, SQL, and UML he has created several client-specific Training Curriculums, which he is presenting internationally. He also provides methodical practices like Model Driven Architecture, Test Driven Development, Requirements Management, Configuration Management, as well as, Critical Chain Project Management.

As an intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE™ v3.0), he has a sharp eye for Process Design and Process Performance.

`It's my passion to help my customers achieve a transformation, both in technology and mindset.

Hartmut Aptyka

Senior Consultant

Hartmut is an experienced Program Manager, Programmer and Functional Safety expert.
For more than 20 years he has been advising and supporting OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers in the area of project management for mechanical and mechatronic systems.

He has guided several mechanical transformation projects with OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers.
He is passionate about Automotive Functional Safety, and has experience in the development of efficient and effective safety cases for complex products.

Apart from his product expertise, Hartmut is also a certified Automotive SPICE™ Assessor and has performed several assessments as a co-assessor, in which his technical expertise provided a valuable additional viewpoint.

Hartmut lives by the motto “Follow process – process and correct design go hand in hand”.

``Accepted processes follow easy rules.``

Frank Becker

Senior Consultant

Frank brings 28 years of experience in the automotive industry, from embedded SW development, Project Management through sales to Management.
Introducing and rolling out project management standards, as well as monitoring compliance Safety requirements.

He has deep experience in managing SW development and organizational building. From his past full-time roles as Head of SW Development, Key Account Manager, Head of Project Management and Site Manager.

``My goal is to successfully establish Project Management with expertise and simple processes.``

Serife Kittelberger

Marketing and Executive Assistant

Serife executes campaigns, corporate design and branding processes strategically and with high level of creativity and precision. She operates in close co-operation with the customer and acts as central communication partner – from idea to execution. Her tasks are as complex as her customers.
Serife’s working style is dominated by highest level of sophistication, reliability and partnership because a long-lasting and successful relationship with the customer is the optimal result.
``Using my network, communication skills and huge engagement, I support my customers to advance every day one step further``

Achim Gerber

IT Manager

Achim brings more than 20 years’ professional experience in the fields of IT and business management.
He has worked for Siemens and DELMIA as a software developer, taught computer science at an important University in the northeast of China.
For many years he managed the IT of a intercultural team across China.

His business knowledge completes his skills to support the KnüvenerMackert team.

``I am striving for saving time and gaining trust through efficient communication.``

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Christian Knüvener

Christian Knüvener
Principal Consultant & CEO