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Agile SPICE® Bridge

Agile SPICE™ builds a bridge between the world of agile methods and the quality assurance-driven world of SPICE and Automotive SPICE®. In the new version of Agile SPICE™, Agile Work Management has been revised based on the many feedbacks from the application. New additions are Partner Collaboration Management and Agile Quality Assurance. This draft version 1.1. has also been created to gather experience and feedback in pilots. It is currently being used in various process analyses in agile, international projects. We expect first results in April 2021.

We are seeing that our customers are benefiting from Agile SPICE®. Many are on their way to becoming an agile organization and are gradually implementing more agile elements in a development organization that is visibly becoming more agile. Agile SPICE™ can be used to measure the degree of agility in individual processes.

In addition, a mapping of the Agile SPICE® elements to the elements of Automotive SPICE® is created. Based on this mapping, it is possible to evaluate the processes according to Agile SPICE® and to obtain an Automotive SPICE® rating. Currently, these mappings are still being tested and the ratings are being evaluated again. But the approach is promising: Agile developments will be able to prove quality targets in this way, which management and customer demand.

New ASPICE Guide v5

Agile SPICE™ v1.1 is already included in the new Knüvener Mackert ASPICE Guide (5th edition). Also updated are the Hardware and Mechanical Engineering SPICE Models and the Assessment Planning Guides and Templates.

Download Agile SPICE® v1.1
Download Knüvener Mackert ASPICE Guide v5

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