What is an Automotive SPICE® Assessment?
What is the purpose of an Automotive SPICE® Assessment?

Why is an Automotive SPICE® assessment critical?

Automotive OEMs, as well as key TIER 1, require that their software-based products from their suppliers are developed using state-of-the-art tools and processes. Automotive SPICE® compliance is a prerequisite for doing business with them. The report from an Automotive SPICE® Assessment, performed by external, certified ASPICE® assessors, provides evidence of this compliance.

Compliance with Automotive SPICE® is a de-facto prerequisite to meet the requirements for ISO-26262 (Functional Safety in Automotive) and ISO-21434 (Cybersecurity in Automotive). It is hardly possible to achieve compliance with one of these standards without first having learned to manage development with ASPICE®.