Automotive SPICE ® Trainings

Training for assessors and experts in cooperation with VDA and intacs™

You want to use Automotive SPICE® to benefit from effective and efficient development processes. Then you should not build up bureaucracy but know what is important. Learn from our experienced and certified Automotive SPICE® trainers.


We offer these Automotive SPICE®-Trainings

Automotive SPICE® Competent Assessor (intacs®)5 TagePublic / InhouseDE / ENDetails
Automotive SPICE® Provisional Assessor (intacs®)5 TagePublic / InhouseDE / ENDetails
Introduction to Automotive SPICE® for Manager2 TagePublic / InhouseDE / ENDetails
Introduction to the VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines2 TagePublic / InhouseDE / ENDetails
Workshop Automotive SPICE® for Manager1 Tagnur InhouseDE / ENDetails
Automotive SPICE® Assessment Participation5 TagePublicDE / ENDetails
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering SPICE 1 TagPublicDE / EN

Official Automotive SPICE® trainings: This course is certified according to the International Assessor Certification Scheme (intacs™) and forms the basis for training to become a intacs™-certified Automotive SPICE® Assessor. Automotive SPICE® is a brand of the VDA QMC: (externe Seite)

Which ASPICE® training is right for you?


Question: Do you want to have a basic understanding of Automotive SPICE®, discuss some concrete implementation examples and learn how managers can motivate the experts for Automotive SPICE?
Question: Do you want to become an Automotive SPICE® Assessor?

The training consists of several parts. Among other things, you need the following trainings and have to pass the corresponding exams (Note: Further criteria have to be fulfilled, details here):

Question: As an Automotive SPICE® Assessor, do you gain experience in assessment?
  • As an assessor with us, you can become a member of the assessment team – provided the assessed organizational unit agrees. Register early or be placed on the list of interested persons: Automotive SPICE Assessment Participation
Question: Do you want to get to know the VDA interpretation and evaluation rules for Automotive SPICE®?
  • Here our two-day training “Introduction to the VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines” is the right thing for you.
  • This training is obligatory for all Competent Assessors and is therefore a component of the Assessor training.
  • This training can also be attended outside the assessor training. However, a good knowledge of the Automotive SPICE® Assessment Model is a prerequisite!
Question: Do you want to discuss a quick introduction to Mechanical SPICE and concrete implementation examples?
  • Our one-day seminar “Introduction to Mechanical Engineering SPICE” is the right choice here.
 Introduction to Automotive SPICE for ManagerAutomotive SPICE: intacs certified Provisional Assessor TrainingAutomotive SPICE: Assessment Team ParticipationAutomotive SPICE: Introduction to the VDA Automotive SPICE GuidelinesAutomotive SPICE: intacs certified Competent Assessor TrainingAutomotive SPICE for ManagerIntroduction to Mechanical Engineering SPICE
(In-house only)
TrainingszweckMediation of ASPICE basic concepts and success factors
Ability to motivate for ASPICE
Education as an ASPICE Expert, Provisional Assessor and Assessment Team MemberAssessment experience
Assessment Log (EE-AT)
Mediation of the intention and structure of the VDA guidelines
Ability to apply the VDA guidelines
Education as an ASPICE Competent Assessor and Assessment LeadMediation of the ASPICE success factors and enabling motivation for ASPICEMediation of the basic concepts and success factors of Mechanical Engineering SPICE
Line, process or project manager, process owner++++
Member of the quality assurance++++++++
Project member who defines and owns processes +++++++
Member of a process group ++++++++
Candidates for Provisional Assessors Automotive SPICE++++++
Certified Provisional Assessors Automotive SPICE+++++++++
Certified Competent Assessors Automotive SPICE++++++

Upcoming Automotive SPICE Trainings

DateTrainingLanguageLocationTeam %Early Bird  
11.11.2019 – 15.11.2019

Automotive SPICE® Assessment TeamENStuttgart. DE
02.12.2019 – 03.12.2019
Automotive SPICE®: Introduction to the VDA Automotive SPICE® GuidelinesDE / ENStuttgart, DE
11.12.2019 – 15.12.2019

intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)DEStuttgart, DE
16.12.2019 – 20.12.2019intacs™ Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE® v3.1)DE / ENStuttgart, DE

On behalf of the VDA QMC we charge the examination fees: Provisional Assessor 450 Euro and Competent Assessor 550 Euro.

Inhouse training: All our training courses can also be requested as in-house training on your premises